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Born in 1969, I am of Emmental and Sri Lankan descent and grew up between Zurich, Geneva and London.

Since 2016, I have been working for the city of Zurich as a funeral consultant and have conducted funeral ceremonies as a specialist for farewell rituals and grief counselling, certified by Lebensgrund GmbH / Lucerne.

Translator’s degree from Geneva University

Certificate in adult education from the Swiss Association for Adult Education

As I call several places home, I prefer questions to answers and fancy the in-between. I travel a lot and visit the landscapes of mourning again and again. I am sustained in my relationship with my wife and in being with my friends. 

My concern is to be reconciled and whole with my apparent contradictions.


Petra Paul



Antoinette Brem and Barbara Lehner offer a three-day grief seminar as well as numerous training and further education courses on the subject of grief.

The photographer and graphic designer Katrin Brunner creates sensitive and expressive photo memories of deceased people as well as of farewell rituals.

When a person dies, the balance of relationships in their immediate environment changes. This association provides professional grief counselling for families, children and young people.

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