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More informations Farewell rituals
  • Framework
    Time and place? Funeral hall, cemetery, forest, river...? Who is involved? Are there any children present?

  • Introduction
    Greeting, concentration (prayer), naming the death and understanding the loss.

  • Appreciation of the deceased person
    Curriculum vitae, anecdotes, various contributions from participants, circumstances of the loss, nature of the relationship

  • Experiencing feelings
    Stories, poems, music, songs, sounds, silence, materials, props

  • Symbolic actions
    Conflicts and unresolved issues, forgiving, transforming, letting go

  • Blessings and farewell
    Completing the separation (funeral), anchoring in the heart, blessing the ways of the deceased and the ways of the bereaved.

  • Perspective on meaning
    Reference to the divine / greater whole. Where do the dead go? What provides us with comfort and support?

  • bridges to the new everyday life
    Shaping change, sharing a light meal

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